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as well. in fact, these avocados most likely will end up in grocery stores, club stores, and restaurants near you, perfectly ripe, just a few days after harvest. >> so what this is, this is what we call a ripening room. it can hold about 20 palettes, which is a truckload. and we'll put food in here that's at about 40 degrees. we'll rase the temperature to the low 60s. we'll add some heat. >> and steve said they've steadily seen an increase in avocado consumption. on average, each american now consumes about 3 avocados per year, but steve thinks that will increase to 5 or 6 avocados within the next couple of years. so whether you try avocados in guacamole at your next party, or try them to support farmers like the bruces, the time is indeed ripe to try some california avocados today. for "california country," i'm
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tracy sellers. well, that is gonna do it for e show today. if you have any questions about anything you've seen, check out our website at and we'll see you again next week on "california country." [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation]
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